As well as being a general valuer Andrew specialises in 18th century French furniture with an extensive knowledge of the craft guild system. He is also well versed in the construction of English and Continental furniture from the 16th–21st century:

  • how cabinet makers and joiners developed their techniques,
  • how veneers and inlay were applied,
  • how the different woods used and finishes applied are characteristic of different countries,
  • how industrialisation changed the industry in the later part of the 18th century,
  • how pieces are copied and how fakes and forgeries are produced.

For example many pieces made in Holland in the 18th century are promoted as English, often with a higher value. Only the valuer who knows the differences between the two methods of construction can make a positive identification.

Andrew is happy to compile reports on furniture that has been purchased or is intended for purchase, pointing out any flaws e.g. if there is any replacement wood or if a piece has been reconstructed or re-veneered - these are factors which affect the integrity of the piece and therefore its value. Andrew has often saved his clients money by advising on the correct level to pay.

Where possible Andrew will give examples of comparables available to buy elsewhere.

A George II giltwood carved mirror
A George II giltwood carved mirror