Private Treaty

It is often better to sell silver and gold in particular by Private Treaty rather than public auction as the last 10–15 years have seen a massive increase in the total saleroom take so where base metal prices values are offered the best net return is away from the saleroom.

In the last 35 years we have built up a world-wide body of buyers and collectors of art, antiques and jewellery, both private and corporate with whom private treaty sales are arranged. This service costs 10% of the agreed value up to half a million pounds, where after the fee reduces to 5%.

Through Auction

One of the benefits of regularly entering lots for sale with auction houses is that we are able to offer both private and corporate clients a free sales service; this is because we claim an introductory commission directly from the saleroom. Whether a single lot or the complete contents of a home or office is involved, we place items in the best marketplace thereby gaining the highest net return.


Instructions are undertaken to vet and buy individual items or collections. We are able to fully furnish homes or offices with complimentary carefully selected items purchased on your behalf at the best markert price.

When buying antiques or art we regularly save our clients up to 50% or more on retail prices by buying from auction. We can advise on any purchase from auction, and are happy to bid on your behalf. We can also negotiate with dealers for shop or gallery purchases.

There is a standard fee of 10% of the hammer or retail price for this service. Fees for larger commissions are negotiable.

We do not accept commissions to purchase items below £5000 for an individual item.


We accept commissions to check an item or items for authenticity and price before a purchase is made. For this service an hourly rate applies.

Additional valuation services:

A mid-nineteenth century rosewood bracket clock by Barraud & Lund, Cornhill, London
Barraud & Lund, Cornhill, London:
a mid-nineteenth century rosewood bracket clock