In setting the right value on disputed items we are frequently instructed to be an impartial expert witness. As a qualified valuer of 35 years standing Andrew Acquier acts as an expert witness in providing court reports for matters involving arts litigation and insurance valuation disputes.

Some cases involve Andrew as an expert witness submitting values on behalf of a single party and he is very experienced in agreeing values with other professionals to minimise legal fees.


As the value of art and antiques continues to rise it is increasingly common for a valuation of possessions to be carried out as part of an equitable divorce settlement. All work is carried out on a time scale. On request we are prepared to provide as much information as possible for an agreed fee.

Many expert witness instructions involve divorce settlement, often as a single joint expert where the acceptance of the report by both sides removes the expense of unnecessary court appearances.


Andrew Acquier as a Chartered Arts Surveyor carries out expert witness reports for cases involving arts litigation. These can involve authenticity, fakes and forgeries.

Andrew has many years experience of compiling reports for litigious cases, several of which have necessitated a subsequent court appearance to provide Expert Witness evidence under oath, often to argue the value of individual items (quantum).


Where an insurance claim cannot be settled by underwriters, the matter may proceed to court and an Expert Witness report is required by the court from an independent expert valuer.

Additional valuation services:

A stained glass panel with jousting knights
A 17th century stained glass panel of knights jousting with figures watching from a balcony